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Eight Brothers Moving Company, Inc.

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Eight Brothers Moving Company, Inc.

“Eight Brothers Helping Others”

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Being ready for your move means that when the movers arrive, check in with you, park the truck and lower the ramp, they can start to load your furniture and boxes on the truck.

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We have learned through the bitter experience of our customers and ourselves that when you pack and move, important things can become misplaced and nearly impossible to find without completely unpacking.  The proactive approach is best.  Plan for your necessary items to be placed in a totally separate container such as a suitcase and label it clearly that it is NOT TO BE PACKED ON THE MOVING TRUCK.  Your important items may include daily medicines, vitamins, closing papers for your new home, current bills, THE TV REMOTE, etc.  Take a few minutes to create your own list.  If you are having your packing done professionally, gather these necessary items before the packers arrive so that they cannot be accidentally packed.


For the safety of your belongings and the efficiency of the movers, everything should be in labeled and sealed boxes.  This includes lamps, flower arrangements, artwork and hanging mirrors.  What doesn’t need to be boxed are your microwave, television and dresser mirrors.  Boxes need to be sealed because open boxes cannot be stacked.  Remember that the more efficient the movers can be, the lower the bill will be.


We do sell packing boxes and offer free delivery, but if you would like to save that expense, banana boxes from your grocery store are a wonderful resource.  Call the produce manager and have him save them for you.  They’re uniform in size, very sturdy, easy to carry and a great way to recycle.  Liquor boxes are not a good choice, because they are not uniform in size nor are they sturdy.


Loose odds and ends are the enemy of an organized move.  These little leftovers end up being scooped up and hurriedly put into a box or bag.  This adds time to your move and possibly damage.  This also leads to more confusion along the lines of “Where’s the _____?”  Take a little time to think about where things should be packed so that you’ll know where they are when you get to your destination.


It’s a good idea on moving day to have on hand paper plates and cups as well as paper towels and toilet tissue.


Please don’t plan anything for moving day except moving if you can possibly help it.  This is a very busy day which may include unforeseen delays from many sources.  Keep your frustration level low by focusing on the job at hand.


Please call us at 727-544-2424 as often as you like for information or advice.  We want you to be READY TO MOVE!

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